Monday, January 27, 2014

Menu #72

Crispy Fish Tacos w/ mango-avocado salsa

My holiday hiatus turned into a very long break from the blog thing, but I’m back now and I have a lot of great recipes to share!  I also have a few revisions or just some slight adaptations to some old recipes that I can’t wait to share also; one being the fish tacos pictured above.  I’ve posted about fish tacos before, but I usually use a cornmeal-flour breading for the fish.  This time I was out of cornmeal, so I used the FEB method (flour, egg, breading) using panko crumbs with the same seasonings as the original tacos.  I really can’t tell you which BDL and I prefer; they’re both great! 

 I’ll share as much as I can this week but my time will be monopolized by “100th day of school” week in X’s class…tons of fun crafts and activities to celebrate the 100th day of school!  One of the activities is an at-home project for Friday’s Superhero Day.  X-man has to pick out 100 items he wants to adorn a cape made from a t-shirt.  Guess what he picked…thunderbolts!  100 thunderbolts!!!  These thunderbolts are to represent his dedication to the San Diego Chargers but at the same time “to look cool like Flash!”   I have no idea what we are going to make these thunderbolts from, but I do know I’m taking a shopping trip to Hobby Lobby tomorrow in hopes for some inspiration.  Wish me luck!

I’m keeping this week’s menu easy and fast since I’m working at the school 4 days this week and getting things ready for our annual Super Bowl party. . .Go Broncos!!!

Monday:  Chicken & Veg Stir-Fry/steamed brown jasmine rice/edamame

Tuesday:  Loaded Baked Potato Soup w/ bacon, green onions, & cheese/spinach salad/garlic-parmesan toast
I have potato soup stashed away in the freezer and this is a great week to take advantage of freezer meals!  J

Wednesday:  Rachael sandwiches/baked fries/fruit salad & pickles
A Rachael is like the sister to a Reuben sandwich but instead of corned beef it’s turkey with coleslaw, 1000 Island dressing, and Swiss cheese.  . .yum!

Thursday:  Tuna Noodle Casserole/salad/garlic-parmesan toast
I’ve had a craving for this recently.  I’m going to use my mom’s recipe, which is a huge favorite from my childhood.  I’ll post it later. 

Friday:  leftovers or make-your-own grilled pizzas

Saturday:  Party food tastings!
I’ll be prepping for the big Super Bowl party, so there will be plenty of food to taste and snack on throughout the day.

Sunday:  Super Bowl Party!  Homemade onion dip w/ potato chips/nacho bar w/ queso dip & all the fixings/chorizo-stuffed jalapeno poppers/fruit bouquet/chili bar w/ veg chili, beef chili, and all the fixings
Laddie’s team, Denver Broncos, are in the Super Bowl this year!  A veg platter, extra chips, desserts, and drinks are arriving with the guests and it’s going to be a big party!  Go Broncos!