Monday, August 5, 2013

Menu #57

Although I may not have quantity with my garden right now, I do have quality!  These tomatoes are so juicy and sweet!  X-man loves to just pull them off and munch on them.  He's learned his lesson on cleaning produce before he eats it when he picked a spider with yesterday's batch.  Spiders, especially spider webs, are one of his huge intolerances. . .along with bees and sea lions (the sea lions are a long story and we’ll have to get to that another day).  J 

I don’t have much of a menu this week because we’re heading to the cabin in Green Valley Lake.  I am so looking forward to a relaxing time with just the family.   Wishing you all a happy week!

Monday:  Pasta w/ Marinara/spinach salad/garlic bread

Tuesday:  Egg Rolls & Potstickers/sticky rice/edamame

Wednesday:  Pizza/spinach salad

Thursday-Sunday:  Cabin!!!

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