Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Menu #70

We’re back from Arizona and we had a great time!  Laddie’s parents bought a beautiful house on a golf course in the middle of the desert.  He had a great time golfing every day we were there.  X-man even played 18 holes with them one day and had a blast.  We drove to The Grand Canyon National Park and stayed in one of their lodges for a couple nights, what a great experience!  I’ve seen the Grand Canyon on TV plenty of times, but it was so breathtaking up close and personal. 

 Now, it’s back to school and back to our regular routine.  Here’s this week’s menu . . .

Monday:  Orange Chicken/Asian slaw/steamed jasmine rice

Tuesday:  Pasta & Bean soup/breadsticks

Wednesday:  Leftovers
This is Family Fun Night at X’s school and I’m in charge of one of the craft booths.  The kids get to make crafts and then wrap them to give out as Christmas gifts.  There will also be a cookie & cocoa station.  X is going to love this! 

Thursday:  Pork Chops/roasted broccoli/smashed potatoes
I’m not sure how I’m going to prepare the chops yet.   We got a bunch of meat from a friend who had a pig butchered and we are just loving the pork!  He gave us bacon, several different kinds of sausage, and lots of pork chops. 

Friday:  Make-Your-Own Pizza Night/ spinach salad/Ninjabread cookies
I found a great kit at our local grocery store for Ninjabread cookies!  There are little cookie cutters to cut out Ninja-shaped cookies and X can’t wait to make them!  J 

Saturday:  Clam Chowder/breadsticks
As much as I love clam chowder, I’ve never made my own for some reason.  I’m excited to finally give it a try!

Sunday:  Leftover Clam Chowder

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