Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Menu #73

Vegetarian Chili

Good evening!  Hope you all had a fabulous Super Bowl Sunday.  The game was horribly sad for BDL but the fabulous company and insanely delicious food were a great distraction!  Everyone brought over such great treats, like jalapeno popper dip and jalapeno popper rolls, Buffalo-style cauliflower, Snickers fudge, a ridiculously decadent dessert called the Stadium Delight. . .the list goes on and on.  There was so much great food!  I made a vegetarian chili that is quite wholesome but also full of great flavor.   I’ll post the recipe on Thursday when I have some more time. 

This week’s menu is all made up from Super Bowl party leftovers.  I kept the menu easy and quick again because there’s a lot going on with school stuff and the start of Spring baseball.  Also, at the end of the week we are heading to Visalia for my twin nephews’ 1st birthday party.  Happy Birthday Ethan & Elijah!!!

Monday:  Chili & Cheese Omelets/breakfast potatoes/fruit salad/whole-wheat toast
Using up the leftover chili, cheese, and fruit.

Tuesday:  Pigs in a Blanket/mac & cheese/veg salad
Using up leftover hot dogs and vegs.

Wednesday:  Chicken Stew & garlic-parmesan toast
This is going to be a long day at X-man’s school, so I’m just pulling some chicken stew from the freezer.

Thursday:  Pasta Primavera/salad/garlic bread
Using up the last of the vegs from the veg platter.

Friday:  l/or or take out

Saturday:  Heading to Visalia!

Sunday:  Food on the road home!  

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