Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chorizo and Potatoes

I use this filling for tacos, in empanadas, as a pizza topping (by the way…chorizo & potato pizza is outstanding!), or just in a bowl over rice.  Any kind of Mexican* chorizo would work with this too, but I use soy chorizo.  This is a very simple dish and a big comfort food for me.  I find that the simplest dishes are my very favorite from my childhood.  Just to make it clear, my mom would never in a million years try soy chorizo…she calls it “the fake stuff.”  That being said, here’s my recipe for chorizo & potatoes.

1 T extra-virgin olive oil
6 oz soy Mexican chorizo
2 red potatoes, par-cooked**
4 green onions, sliced
S&P, to taste

Heat the oil over medium heat, and add chorizo.  Break it up in the pan and cook for about 5-7 minutes.  Add potatoes and cook until cooked through, about another 5 minutes.  Add green onions and cook for a minute or two.  Season with S&P.

*When I say Mexican chorizo, I’m talking about the uncooked, soft version as opposed to the smoked, firm Spanish version.  If you are using beef or pork, there is no need for oil because they're a lot fattier.

**I par-cook the potatoes to make the cooking process go a little faster, but if I’m using it for a pizza topping I don’t par-cook because it finishes cooking in the oven.   I also slice the potatoes if I’m using it for pizza rather than dicing.

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