Sunday, June 24, 2012

Menu #8

This week seemed to just zip by!  Where does the time go???  Making weekly menus does help with grocery costs and dinner-time anxiety, but it also allows me to notice more so how quickly the weeks pass by.  Anyhow, here's my weekly menu...

Monday:  Soy Chorizo & Potato Tacos w/ crock-pot black beans
If you like chorizo but have never tried soy chorizo, you really should at least once.  It has such great flavor and crumbles with the same texture.  I like it with eggs, beans, rice, and potatoes.  I’ll post the recipe with pics along with the recipe for the crock-pot black beans because these black beans are truly great!

Tuesday:  Arroz con Pollo w/ leftover black beans & Southwest salad
Arroz con Pollo is one of many favorite comfort foods that I remember from my childhood. I’m making an extra one for my group’s Meals on Heels.  Meals on Heels is a program in which we take turns making dinners for our friends who just had babies.  The Southwest salad is not only delish but it’s also quite an attractive dish.  It’s layered with greens, corn, black beans, tomatoes, cheese, and tossed with a cilantro-lime dressing.  I’ll definitely post pics & recipes.

Wednesday:  Leftovers

Thursday:  BBQ Ribs or Chicken w/ broccoli salad & wheat rolls
I’m making another batch of either ribs or chicken along with broccoli salad for another Meals on Heels. 

Friday:  Cheeseburger Mac w/ corn & garlic wheat buns
I’m going out for drinks & a movie with the girls, but I’m going to make this quick dinner for the boys before I leave.  (Usually they are on their own for dinner if I’m out but I’m feeling a tad bit guilty since I’ll be gone two nights in a row and one of the night’s is to watch Magic Mike.)  ;)  This is an easy family-pleasing recipe that I’ll share with you later. 

Saturday:  French Cooking Class:  Steak w/ Bearnaise Sauce, Chicken in White Wine Sauce, & Crème Brulee
I’m teaching a French Cooking Class, so the boys will be eating leftover cheeseburger mac.  J 

Sunday:  Grilled Shrimp Kabobs w/ steamed brown rice & cheesy squash

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