Monday, June 4, 2012

Menu #5 (Updated)

It’s that time again…weekly menu planning!  Last week’s menu didn’t go exactly as planned.  I taught a Lil’ Chefs class on Friday and it ended into an all-afternoon kid’s party.  It was great fun and I have fabulous pics to share from the class, but by the time dinnertime rolled around I was pooped.  Same thing pretty much happened for Saturday and Sunday.  We had end-of-season T-ball activities along with a birthday brunch.  The whole weekend was action-packed and we enjoyed it, but we are now completely exhausted!  I have to say, I am very disappointed I wasn’t able to get to my Jamie Oliver Wonky Pasta, but since I do have all the ingredients on hand I’ll get to that soon…maybe next week…or the week after…

Monday:  Tortilla Chicken Soup
I’ve been making this tortilla soup for years, and I think it may be one of my very favorite soups.  It’s a very simple soup made with onions, carrots, jalapenos, tomatoes, and chicken and garnished with tortilla chips, avocado, Greek yogurt, lime, and cilantro.  I’ll take pics tonight while I’m making it and post the recipe also. 

Tuesday:  Tuna Salad Sandwiches w/ radishes on whole-grain bread with homemade potato chips
I bought this super-duper, hand-dandy microwave potato chip maker from my friend’s Pampered Chef fundraiser and I can’t wait to use it!  I love potato chips…I just love chips in general.  For that reason I don’t keep them in the house; otherwise, I would find a reason to get into the pantry all day just to sneak chips.  This is my new recipe for the week, so I’ll let you know how it works.  J

Wednesday:  Dinner Out
My niece’s High School Graduation!

Thursday:  Shrimp & Grits

Friday:  Grilled Italian Chicken Sausage w/ bell pepper-onion kabobs & brown rice pilaf

Saturday:  Graduation BBQ Party:  Baked Beans & Grilled Stuffed Jalapenos
I’m contributing two dishes for my niece's graduation BBQ.  They are both recipes that I got from the Memorial Day Shinn-Dig:  Cecilia's baked beans and Jessica's stuffed grilled jalapenos.  The baked beans are a revamped version of Paula Deen's baked beans recipe, which my friend got from her friend in San Francisco.  I've made Paula Deen's baked bean recipe before, but this new version is really something special.  I’ll post the recipe later this week.  The grilled jalapenos are very simple, un-battered jalapeno poppers.  The peppers are just cut in half lengthwise, stuffed with cream cheese, topped with jalapeno jack, and grilled…so simple yet so tasty!

Sunday:  BBQ at the Lake

I love BBQ season!  We’re contributing chicken and vegetable kabobs, hot dogs, and Smores…yummy! 

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