Monday, August 20, 2012

Menu #16

Spicy Peanut Dressing

Aloha!  Only 8 more days before we’re off on our Maui vacation, and I am absolutely ecstatic!   I feel like I did when I was a little girl and it was the night before going to Disneyland, but I have over a week to wait still!  That’s actually a good thing in reality though, because I have a lot to get done before we take off.  ;-)

Our Luau Party went over fabulously but, I’m sad to say, I have no photographic evidence.  I was too busy hosting and have a great time. The food was delicious with the exception of the coconut rice pudding.  I had to triple the recipe and in that translation something went haywire and just didn’t turn out quite as I had wanted, but there were still pineapple upside down cupcakes for dessert along with McConnell’s Island Coconut Ice Cream.  Now let me tell you about this ice cream…it’s the best ice cream ever!!!  It’s definitely one of my top 5 favorite things to eat right now.  My friend, Natalie, brought it to the luau to save me from my rice pudding debacle…Thanks Natalie!  McConnell’s is based out of Santa Barbara and uses a Hybrid French Pot Process to make their ice creams.  I’m not sure what this process entails, but let me tell you it makes some pretty damn good ice cream.  You see, I know all this information because as I’m typing this I’m eating this ice cream out of the pint.  I know it’s shameful but as I started typing about it I was overwhelmed with a yearning for it.  If you like coconut, you must try this ice cream!

Now let’s talk this week’s menu.  I have some luau leftovers to work with and the rest of the week I’m emptying the freezer and pantry before we leave to Hawaii.   

Monday:  Teriyaki Chicken Wraps w/ melon cubes & green salad w/ spicy peanut dressing

Tuesday:  Kalua Pork Egg Rolls w/ pineapple salsa, steamed brown rice & green salad w/ spicy peanut dressing
I’m going to make eggs rolls with the leftover kalua pork, cabbage, carrots, & scallions and make a salsa with the leftover pineapple for dipping.  I’ll just finish a few for dinner and freeze the rest to use as a quick appetizer for a future party.  J 

Wednesday:  Shrimp Louie Salad w/ garlic wheat toast

Thursday:  Pasta Primavera w/ garlic wheat toast & salad w/ balsamic vinaigrette
My primavera will include broccoli, yellow squash, red bell pepper, tomato, onion, & garlic w/ whole-wheat linguine.   

Friday:  Rachel Sandwiches w/ oven fries & fruit salad
The Rachel sandwich is related to the Reuben sandwich, but turkey is used instead of corned beef.  I make it on Rye with 1000 island dressing, coleslaw, & Swiss cheese. 

Saturday:  BBQ Chicken w/ quinoa-black bean salad and grilled peaches

Sunday:  Leftovers

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