Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Menu #38

Happy Tuesday!  I made those cute little Jell-O cups for X-man’s Valentine’s party at school, and he was so excited to share them with his friends!  I made strawberry whipped cream for the topping, which was super yummy.  I cooked down half a pint of strawberries with a little bit of water & sugar and let it cool overnight to make a strawberry simple syrup and added that to the cream when I whipped it.  J

I didn't get around to any posts this past week because we were busy with Valentine's festivities and then headed to cabin.  I do plan on doing a couple posts tomorrow to make up for it.  :-)  This week's menu. . .

Tuesday:  Parmesan-Crusted Chicken w/ Caesar salad

Wednesday:  Pan-Fried Fish w/ lentils

Thursday:  Out w/ BFF!  Boys are ordering pizza.
My best friend, Janna, & I are enjoying a lunch date followed with Weins Winery’s member-appreciation party…yay! 

Friday:  Homemade Chicken Nuggets w/ acorn squash mac n cheese & carrot sticks

Saturday:  Teaching a cooking class on side dishes.  Leftovers for the boys.
My friend, Trish, has offered up her spacious kitchen for a fun cooking class.  We will be making quinoa pilaf, couscous salad, bacon-wrapped asparagus, and glazed carrots along with 2 easy vinaigrettes for salad. 

Sunday:  Dinner Out
We have a birthday party to attend in the afternoon and then we are hanging out with our friends, the Browns, afterwards.

Monday:  Homemade “Spaghettios” w/ garlic breadsticks
I found this fun recipe on a fellow bloggers site, and I can’t wait to try it.  I know lil’ man is going to love this!  It’s just a simple pureed tomato sauce with some sort of fun, small pasta & tiny meatballs. 

Tuesday:  Broccoli & Rice Casserole w/ heirloom tomato salad & garlic breadsticks
We have baseball practice on Tuesdays, so I like to either do a slow-cooker meal or something I can do ahead of time such as these dishes.  I will make the casserole that afternoon so I just need to throw it in the oven when we get home, and I’ll also make the salad and hold the vinaigrette until right before serving. 

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