Sunday, May 27, 2012

Menu #4 (Revised)

I've revised my whole menu from yesterday because I forgot about a few things happening this week...Take 2!

Happy Memorial Day!  We had such a great time at The Shinn Family’s Memorial Day Shinn-Dig yesterday!  There was swimming, tasty food, yummy cocktails, and fabulous company…what more do you need for a great party!  The banana split cake was my new recipe for last week and it had its ups and downs.  Although it was tasty, it was a bit messy and hard to remove from the dish.  I’ll post more about that later along with pics.  My friend Cecilia made a killer pot of beans that I would love to post about if I get the recipe from her…hint, hint Ceci!  ;-)

Now, let’s get to the weekly menu.  For my new recipe this week, I’m going to try one of Jamie Oliver’s 30-minute meals.  Let me just say, Jamie Oliver is my very favorite.  I love the way he cooks, I love the way he talks…I just love him!  I’ve used many of his recipes before, but this is going to be a first from his show, Jamie’s Meals in Minutes.  I’m really excited to try it!  I’ll post pics and let you know if 30 minutes is really all it takes to whip up this delish meal. 

Monday:  Grilled Chicken Sandwiches on whole-grain bread w/ hot dill pickles & watermelon slices
On Sunday night we grilled 2 extra chicken breasts just to have handy, and they came in handy for these sandwiches.  These hot dill pickles are so delish.  My mother-in-law makes them every year and gives us several jars...yummy!

Tuesday:  Grilled Chicken Salad for me and chicken nuggets & grapes for lil' man.  Pops is out of town so my lil' guy and I will have a dinner & movie date for just the two of us (the movie will most likely be Chicken Little or Chipwrecked).  :-)

Wednesday:  Chicken & Veg Stir Fry w/ mung bean noodles

Thursday:  Grilled Herb Salmon w/ lemon pasta & green salad
For the salmon, I'm just going to puree a bunch of herbs from my garden with some extra-virgin olive oil and brush both sides before grilling.

Friday:  Leftover Night:  Salmon Cakes w/ lemon pasta & green salad
We’ll use leftover grilled salmon from Tues night to make into salmon cakes.  I often use leftover fish for fish cakes.  I just add whole-wheat bread crumbs, light mayonnaise, minced bell peppers & onions along with Old Bay seasoning; roll them in bread crumbs again if you want them extra crispy and shape into patties; bake them or pan fry them in oil. 

Saturday:  Grilled Orange-Basil Chicken Breasts w/ potato-corn salad & veg kabobs
I found this cool new way to grill boneless, skinless chicken breasts that works perfectly every time.  I'll take pics and post about it next week.  :-)

Sunday:  Jamie Oliver’s Wonky Summer Pasta, Salad w/ grapes & bacon, and pear-raspberry meringue tartlets
This is obviously our cheat day from out diet, and I can’t wait!  I’m not really sure why this is called “Wonky,” but Jamie Oliver is British, and they just say stuff like that.  It’s a fresh pasta dish with a no-cook sauce of just olive oil, parmesan cheese, lemon, and egg yolk…yes, egg yolk.  The egg cooks from the residual heat of the cooked pasta.  I can’t wait to post all about it!  We also have a 1st birthday brunch to attend so there will be birthday cake involved once again (hubby will be so happy!)  For the brunch, I’m preparing a sausage-potato breakfast casserole that has spinach, leeks, and a hashbrown crust.   Brunch is my very favorite meal (I think it’s because it usually involves mimosas, and I do love anything that involves champagne!)  I’ll post all about this meal and the breakfast casserole later in the week.  J

Now tell me what's cooking in your kitchen this week or send me a favorite recipe of yours to try!  If you ever have any questions regarding anything on my menu, please ask me!

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