Monday, July 2, 2012

Menu #9

Putting a menu together was really tough today because I am absolutely exhausted from this weekend’s festivities.  I had movie night with the girls on Friday, French cooking class Saturday, and San Diego County Fair on Sunday.  When I was in my 20s this was just another weekend, but now in my 30s Mondays hit hard with weekends like these.  Either way, I managed to get a menu together and here it is… 

Monday:  Grilled Shrimp Kabobs w/ broccoli salad
Never got to this yesterday since we went to the fair.

Tuesday:  Soy Chorizo & Red Potato Grilled Pizza w/ green salad
Wednesday:  4th of July!!!  J 
We are going to a friend’s house for a pool party and then heading home early enough to watch fireworks at the park next to our house.  For the pool party, I’m taking a triple berry trifle w/ white chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Thursday:  Grilled Chicken Sausage w/ slow-cooker Mayacoba beans, corn on the cob, and watermelon slices
Mayacoba beans are a goldish color bean that is similar to a pinto bean.  I usually just cook up a large pot with salt pork, a bunch or herbs, garlic and tomatoes.  It makes a great warm side dish on its own but they also make a great cold bean salad with the addition of other beans such as green bean, yellow wax bean, and cannellini beans.

Friday:  Leftover Bowls
I'm going to steam some brown rice and make bowls with the leftover shrimp, grilled vegs, beans, & sausage. 

Saturday:  Spanakopita Burgers in whole-wheat pitas w/ Tzatziki & couscous-chickpea salad
This is a spin on the Greek appetizer, spanakopita, which is a mixture of spinach, garlic, and feta in between layers of phyllo dough.  I got this recipe from a very old Rachel Ray show that I saw about 6 years ago, and I’ve made it quite often since then.  It’s a turkey burger with spinach, garlic, and feta cheese mixed in served in a pita with a cucumber-yogurt sauce called Tzatziki.  The couscous salad is made with whole-wheat couscous, chickpeas, cucumber, tomatoes, olives, oregano, and basil. 

Sunday:  Grilled Salmon w/ leftover couscous salad & corn on the cob

Have a happy & safe 4th of July!!!

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