Sunday, July 15, 2012

Menu #11

This past week was a bit muddled and chaotic with going to Visalia for my aunt’s funeral and Laddie, my husband, getting an extremely bad sinus infection (Yes, it’s his real name and not an abbreviation.).  There was a lot of soup that replaced last week’s menu.  I look forward to dinners that are not in liquid form this week, and here it is…

Monday:  Chicken Tacos w/ homemade salsa, black beans, & Mexican brown rice

Tuesday:  Rescheduled Going-Away BBQ Dinner for Cody:  Tri Tip, shrimp kabobs, corn & black bean salad, chocolate banana cream pie
With my husband being so sick, we didn’t want him to infest anyone else with his germs so we rescheduled for this date. 

Wednesday:  Leftovers 

Thursday:  Veg & Cheese-Stuffed Potatoes w/ green salad
Since I didn’t make it to the Farmer’s Market last week, I’m going to try to get there this week.  I’ll use whatever I buy there to stuff these potatoes.  In the winter, I do these in the oven, but in the warmer months I wrap them in foil and grill them.  I grill extra to have as lunches throughout the week too.  I’ll post more about these scrumptious taters later this week.  J 

Friday:  Dinner Out:  Lazy Dog Café
We are going out with some friends to watch Ted and have drinks and dinner at Lazy Dog Café.  Yay…I’m looking forward to some fun out!  J   

Saturday:  Chicken Sausage & Garden Pepper Grilled Pizza
The peppers in our garden are growing like crazy right now, so we are going to pick a couple of each, which are Cubanelle (sweet), Gypsy (sweet), banana peppers (hot), and jalapeno (hot) to use for pizza toppings.

Sunday:  Grilled bread slices w/ roasted garlic bulb & bruschetta, grilled fries with yogurt dip, and grilled fruit ice cream sundaes
We are going to just chill out by the grill on this evening and have appetizers and dessert for dinner.  I’m going to wrap a whole garlic bulb in foil with olive oil & salt and throw it on the grill until the garlic softens and just squeezes out of the peeling…it’s absolutely divine!  Along with this, I’m going to make a bruschetta topping with heirloom tomatoes from the garden (yellow pear & Mr. Stripey), basil from the garden, garlic, & olive oil…plain & simple yet so tasty!  We are also going to grill some potatoes slices on the grill to have with a Greek yogurt dip that will be seasoned with garlic & herbs from the garden (thyme, oregano, basil, & a tiny bit of mint).  For dessert, I’m going to half some stone fruit, sprinkle with a tiny bit of sugar, and grill.  We’ll have the warm grilled fruit over ice cream…yummy!   

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