Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kalamata Olive Goat Cheese Ravioli

I’m so excited to share this recipe!  It’s  super yummy and sounds fancy, but only has 2 ingredients!  This recipe is simplicity at its best.  These ravioli would be great tossed with just olive oil and garlic alone, but I made them for my private chef menu to go with simple Italian Tomato Sauce, which I posted yesterday.  They can easily store in the freezer for a busy day also. 

Kalamata Olive Goat Cheese Ravioli

Yields: 16 ravioli

8 sheets egg roll wrappers
5 oz Kalamata Olive Goat Cheese (Trader Joe’s)
Water for sealing

Bring a small pot of water to a boil.  Cut the egg roll wrappers into fours.  Put a small dollop of goat cheese onto one square and moisten the edges with water using your finger.  Top with another egg roll wrapper square, and voila you have yourself a Kalamata Olive Goat Cheese Ravioli!  Boil them for 2 minutes and that’s it!  J  

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